4th Grade Letter Writing

4th grade students are writing letters to their favorite authors in library class.  Did you know that Beverly Cleary is 98 years old?

2nd Graders Explain Math Thinking

A very important part of mathematics today is having children explain their thinking by talking about the strategies they use to solve problems.  Miss Ovitt’s Explorers, a second grade classroom, used an app called Explain Everything to post their problem solving explanations for their parents to see and hear.

See them in action! In the following two videos, the strategy the child is is using is called a Tape Diagram.



On Sunday, October 19th, 1-4pm, the Swanton Historical Society is holding Octoberfest at the Railroad Depot at 58 South River Street.  We’ll have cider and doughnuts,  pumpkin carving, and arts and crafts activities for kids,!  Join us and take home a free pumpkin!

-Becky Rupp