Makers in the Library

5th graders enjoyed mini-maker projects during their last library time of the school year: how many books could they support with several sheets of newspaper (25!), how tall or cool a structure to build with 16 pieces of spaghetti and 10 marshmallows, using modeling clay as a 2-dimensional medium, tying fishing knots, etc. A good time was had by all!

Carole Oglesby
Librarian, Swanton Elementary School

Therapy Dogs visit Swanton Students in the Libraries


Students from both buildings were thrilled to meet two wonderful therapy dogs over the last few weeks. Sandy, owned by Gail Yocis of Grand Isle, and Casey, with his owner Norm ‘Gramps’ Stinehour of Fairfax, visited with classes in kindergarten through 4th grade. Therapy dogs visit schools, hospitals and nursing homes, and are both highly trained and good-natured. Thanks, Sandy and Casey!!

Dr. Laurel Neme, an Author Visits Swanton School


Swanton School was fortunate to host author and wildlife expert Dr. Laurel Neme in both libraries on Wednesday, 5/20. Dr Neme led a lively discussion about orangutans, the focus of her recent picture book “Orangutan Houdini’, other endangered species, and the many successful efforts by students worldwide to help protect these animals.

Butterflies in Arcadia

Students in Arcadia anxiously watch 10 Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillars slowly make their way to the top of the cups where they will harden into chrysalides.  After being placed in a netted butterfly pavilion, they should emerge into butterflies in about 7 to 10 days!