Summer Reading Activities

tree readingSummer is a great time to recharge and relax.  But, a vacation from reading can lead to a difficult transition back to school in the fall.  Try to make a commitment to encouraging your child to continue to read  and write about interesting topics throughout the summer.  

Just a little bit each day can make a difference!

Below you will find some great recommended books, websites, and activities that will help you keep your summer filled with literacy!

READING ACTIVITY CALENDARS  (from Reading is Fundamental (

Birth through Age 5

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Ages 6 – 12

[button link=”” bg_color=”red”]June Activity Calendar[/button][button link=”” bg_color=”red”]July Activity Calendar[/button][button link=”” bg_color=”red”]August Activity Calendar[/button]


Does your child like to learn about certain themes?  Click this link to see some books to read with activities that you can do with your child around different interesting topics.  Check out the local library to see if their collection contains the books you are looking for.

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Looking for a fun way to keep reading over the summer?  Join the Swanton Public Library’s summer reading program.  Click the button below to learn about this program and see the scheduled events.

[button link=”” bg_color=”blue”]Swanton Public Library Reading Program[/button]

Are you a sixth grader looking to help out at the library this summer?  Click the button below to find out more about the ‘Beneath the Surface’ program.

[button link=”” bg_color=”blue”]Swanton Public Library Young Adult[/button]



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Check out the following websites with games and activities for kids!


Looking for some reading apps?  Here are a couple of websites with some suggestions.


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