Green House “Yo-Yo Buddies” Meet & Greet

Students from “The Apples” (Stone) and “The Fish” (Fournier) met with their “Yo-Yo Buddies” from “The Wolf Pack” (Sullivan) and “Arcadia” (Belrose) Monday morning. “Yo-Yo” means “Younger/Older-Younger/Older,” and these students will pair up throughout the year in a variety of cross grade level activities. Look for their bulletin board outside the Green House, showcasing flowers that were made based upon interview questions buddies asked in an effort to get to know each other.

Swanton School Open House

Our fall Open House will take place this Thursday beginning at 6:00. This is a wonderful chance to stop in with your child and get to see their classroom and explore some of the activities that they are working on as the year begins. Remember that the Book Fair is also taking place in the Babcock and Central Libraries. We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Early Release Day September 28th

During the afternoon of  September 28th Swanton teachers will be involved in a variety of professional development activities with colleagues throughout the district. Our students will have a half day of school.  On this day a bag lunch will be served before students leave for the day.

With the day being extended this year it is necessary to adjust our dismissal times slightly for any early release day. Walkers will be dismissed at 11:40 and students who ride the bus will be released as close to 11:45 as possible. This time may vary slightly as we are dependent on the buses getting here from MVU.

Northwest Public Access TV Visits Arcadia!

Channel 15, Northwest Public Access TV representative, Chris Hoyt visited sixth grade students in Arcadia last Friday, introducing them to the video and sound equipment they will use as they begin working in teams to produce a school-wide news program, “What’s NEWS at Swanton Schools.” Students will report on events happening in and around our school community, including Open House, which is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th. They will work in teams of six or seven on a monthly basis, using a camera, microphone and editing software shared by Channel 15. News teams will rotate on a monthly basis throughout the year, working on developing their creative thinking, collaborative skills, questioning and problem solving, writing skills, and the Habits of Mind associated with planning and budgeting time. Students are on the “prowl” looking for good stories. If students and teachers have a special event happening that they would like to have reported, contact Mrs. Belrose or Mr. Gregory through the contact form or through any student in Arcadia, and we will be in touch!

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Arcadia Gets Creative!

Sixth grade students in Arcadia “got creative” by working in teams of 3-4 students to create sculptures out of recycled materials. They had to put into practice the collaborative skills of listening, giving and receiving feedback, communicating ideas, and problem solving as they worked. This exercise helped them to also work on creative thinking and improvising as each sculpture had to include at least one bottle, one box, some type of paper, one tube, masking tape or glue. Check out their wonderful creations!  – Mrs. Belrose