Acclaimed Non-Fiction Author Visits Swanton School

tls-visitAward-winning author Tanya Lee Stone visited Swanton Central School on 1/14/14. She is the author of 100 published books, most of them non-fiction, and ranging from the elementary to high school level. She spoke to 3rd – 6th grade students about the research process, and about how she develops her ideas. Students had prepared by listening to and discussing several of her books, and by brainstorming questions to ask while she was here.

Waiting for Snow!



This has been a difficult last couple of weeks for “Outside Recess”. The ice storm has left our playground layered in ice. We are getting closer to being able to open the two of our play areas. The soccer field is still layered in ice. What we need is a good layer of snow so that students can play safely. We want to thank our custodial crew for their hard work keeping the sidewalks clear and helping get some play space opened up. Here is a picture of Mr. Butler at work on the little playground.

Carnation Fundraiser for Valentine’s Day

22769-cravo--carnation-vector$2.00 Each

Buy for your child!
Buy for your favorite teacher!
Buy for a friend!

Carnations will be delivered to students on Friday, February 14th during the school day!

Carnations will be sold during snack time on February 14th by the front desk at Babcock and in front of the office at Central.

  • Order Forms available at Babcock & Central Main Office or download below
  • Orders Due by February 7th to Robin Trushaw
  • Cash or checks accepted; Checks made out to “Swanton School”
  •  All proceeds will benefit Swanton School Yearbook
Carnation Order Form

Seven Media-Savvy Skills All Parents Need in 2014

Common Sense Media has some great advice for Parents.

CommonSenseMediaInstagram. Snapchat. Facebook. Everyday there’s some new thing we parents need to figure out. Getting up to speed — plus giving our kids guidance and limits — is a daily challenge.

You don’t have to become an expert to help your kids make good decisions. Just get involved in their media lives. By engaging with them, you can help them use these tools responsibly, respectfully, and safely. Here are some ways to be a media-savvy parent this year:

Check out your kids’ social sites. From videogames to apps — even music — nearly everything has a social component these days. Your kids may enjoy posting status updates, uploading photos, IMing, commenting, gaming or any number of online sharing activities with friends. Ask…

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How Swanton 5th and 6th Grade Students Made Skiing and Snowboarding the Winter State Sports

state winter sports 25 2Here is the 5 year timeline of how a group of students changed history.

2007 Burlington Free Press, Thursday, December 20, Section B, Vermont, P. 1, “Snowboarding proposal rests on slippery slope”, Ed Shamy. At the urging of Swanton grade-schoolers, Sen. Don Collins (D-Franklin) sponsors a bill that would make snowboarding the official state sport of Vermont. According to Shamy, “This proposal will be as popular in some Vermont quarters as the government seizure of all private property.”

“Collins, a 65-year-old retired school administrator, is not the type to throw this sort of Molotov cocktail into the Montpelier campfire. He’s hoisting the banner of snow-boarding to be true to a band of Swanton constituents – a group of fifth- and sixth-graders from the town’s elementary school.” “They took him up on a standing invite to suggest legislation. He grilled them on their choice, warning it would cause some to bare their fangs.”

Read the full story here!

We Want to “BRAG” About You!

Students in grade 6 and in the 5th grade team, Arcadia, were honored on December 13th by their teachers with “BRAG” Awards for their hard work, positive attitudes, and they way in which they consistently go above and beyond to meet expectations for their classrooms, model our school’s Core Concepts of “Belonging, Caring, Trust, Respect and Responsibility.” This award looks at how kids use their time in class, how they interact with ALL students and adults, their responsibility and attitude towards their school work and learning, which takes a lot of effort on the part of students to do this on a daily basis, so as teachers we are choosing to “BRAG” about these students and their hard work. Recipients of the “BRAG” Award will celebrate by having lunch with Principals, Mr. Coon and Mrs. St. Amour. All students in classrooms choosing to participate have the opportunity to earn this award, each trimester.


Reindeer Dust and Stories With Arcadia

Fifth grade students from Arcadia continued a 16 year old tradition of reading stories to younger students in the Central building and sharing homemade Reindeer Dust with them. Each student carefully chose a story thought to be of interest to younger students, practiced reading the story fluently and with expression, and made 200 baggies of Reindeer Dust for students in grades 3 and 4 to bring home to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve.