Ohana 2.0 Math Podcast

Check it out!  Ohana 2.0 has created a Math Podcast. We’re learning how to combine recordings into one recording. This time we talked about how to solve word problems, different types of ways to write and solve multiplication problems, an online activities review, and how to find multiples. Listen to the February Math Podcast Mix

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Crazy Hair Day Thursday!

Swanton students have done it again!  We have filled our compliment jar with tickets for great behavior, and to celebrate we will have Crazy Hair Day this Thursday, Feb. 11th.  So get out your hair spray, color, and clips and see how crazy you can be!

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Kindness by the Wolfpack

Inspired by Mark Twain’s words “Kindness is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear” which hangs in the Wolfpacks classroom everyday, the Wolfpack created this video to show what they think of kindness.  

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Kindness Certificate copy

Swanton Becomes a Kindness Certified School!

Because of our participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, our school is officially designated as a KINDNESS CERTIFIED SCHOOL! We are thrilled to report that 5,014,362 students in 8,022 schools in 61 countries participated in the 2016 Great Kindness Challenge. We are part of a global kindness movement and making a positive difference at our school, in our community and in our world. […]

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