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Act 46 Meeting

Act 46 Independent School Governance Study

MVU Library
November 13, 2017
6:00 PM

Committee Members and Staff:

Bob Berger – Chair, Connie Beyor, Toby Maguire, Don Collins, Jason McConnell, Terri O’Shea, and Winton Goodrich



6:00        Call meeting to order

Minutes from November 17th meeting

Tonight’s Tasks: What do we need to do at this meeting?

  1. Debrief November 7th Voting
  2. Next steps

6:05        Guests

6:10        Debrief Voting Results

6:40        Finalize Elementary School Choice Procedure

7:10        Refine the Final Report

7:40        Prepare for November 15th FNWSU Board Meeting

7:50        Other and Next Steps

8:00        Adjournment

Continue assessing data needed regarding the SU’s current ability to meet or exceed each of the Act 46 goals below.

  • Provide substantial equity in the quality and variety of educational opportunities statewide;
  • Lead students to achieve or exceed the State’s Education Quality Standards, adopted as rules by the State Board of Education at the direction of the General Assembly;
  • Maximize operational efficiencies through increased flexibility to manage, share, and transfer resources, with a goal of increasing the ratio of students to full-time equivalent staff;
  • Promote transparency and accountability; and
  • Delivered at a cost that parents, voters, and taxpayers value:
    • State cost per pupil comparisons




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October Board Meeting Agenda


October 26, 2017
6:00 PM


6:00pm         Call Meeting to Order

6:05pm                          Comments and Correspondence from the Public (Listen)

6:10pm         Act 46 Preparation for Informational Meeting

7:15pm          Future Board Meeting Dates

  • FNWSU Board Meeting – November 15, 6:30 @ Franklin School Library
  • Swanton Elem. Board Work Session – November 8th, 6:00 PM
    • 12/20, 1/31, 3/14, 4/18 (longer goal planning), 6/6 (prior to SU bd. mtg. at 5)
    • Act 46 Meeting Informational Meeting November 2 at 7pm at Swanton Central School
    • Act 46 Alternative Governance Structure Vote November 7th 7 am to 7 pm

7:16pm                           Anticipated Executive Session –If necessary

(Answer the Executive Session Compliance Question…Where premature public knowledge would clearly place the Board or other party at a substantial disadvantage)

7:30pm          Adjournment

FY2018 School Board Goals:                                                                           

Goal 1 – Increase efficient use of resources to maximize learning potential for all students

  • Continue to right-size the school staff based on enrollment changes and resource needs
  • Ensure staff and administrator performance is evaluated
  • Monitor school culture
  • Receive periodic Board updates on Marzano, Muhammad, Instructional Frame, and RTI implementation

Goal 2 – Ensure challenging learning opportunities are in place for all students

  • Focus on enrichment programs
  • Promote additional science, technology, engineering, arts, and math experiences
  • Continue implementation of the NCSS Behavior Program
    • Receive semi-annual reports on student bus and classroom behavior
  • Research development of an SU autism and related programs
  • Local assessment and SBAC – Board emphasis on SBAC and NECAP assessments
  • Ensure student technology skills are current
  • Increase frequency of student performance reporting at board meetings 

Goal 3 – Maintain a focus on buildings and grounds

  • Create a playground renewal plan by December
  • Continue to follow the asbestos abatement plan
  • Revisit 5 year facilities plan and prioritizing
  • Connect with Safe Routes to School and RISE-VT


Goal 4 – Strengthen school and community communication

  • Film Channel 15 video vignettes throughout the year
    • Integrate with other FNW schools
  • Utilize social media
  • Reach out to senior citizens (High Swans) and religious leaders
  • Host a Community Dinner in February
  • Connect with MVU Rotary Interact volunteers
  • Develop a “Get out the Vote” campaign in March
  • Engage community about pros and cons of a governance merger 

*Public Comments at Board Meetings

The FNWSU and District School Boards are working to improve the response to public comments made at Board meetings.  

The Board reserves the right to ask visitors the following questions before they are invited to address complaints to the Board:

Have you directed your complaint through our “Complaint” Policy i.e.:

  • Attempt to address the complaint first with teacher/staff member, and,
  • If not satisfied, discuss complaint with the principal, and,
  • Still not resolved, then meet with the superintendent,
  • Only then, will the Board hear your concern at a Board meeting.

When speaking with the Board, if the complaint becomes personal, disrespectful, or threatening, then the Board chair may rule the speaker “Out of Order” or,

If the complaint addresses specific personnel or is evaluative then the Board chair may invite the complainant into executive session, and,

The Board chair may limit speaking time for each individual and ask that similar points of view from multiple speakers not be presented.

Anyone making a comment can expect a response from the Board that will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Thank the person with no further action planned.
  • Respond immediately by the Board chair or administration.
  • Direct the administration to contact and respond to the person.
  • Seek clarification from the administration at a specified meeting.
  • Add the topic to a future Board agenda.
  • Refer the matter to an executive session.
  • Hold a public hearing on the matter.
  • Send a note of appreciation.
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HRA Information Meetings

TO:  Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union Employees

Blue Cross Blue Shield representatives will present health care plans and HRA information to all teachers, staff, and administrators on Sept. 18 at the MVU theater and Sept. 25 at the Highgate School library at 3:30pm.   All employees eligible for health insurance are encouraged to attend one of the above meetings.  These two meetings will be the only opportunity to hear the information from the professionals and ask questions.

The following meetings have been scheduled at the individual schools to “sign up” for the health insurance plan that the employee chooses.    Central Office Human Resources staff  will be present at these meetings to assist the employees through the process.  If an employee can not attend the meeting at their individual school, they are welcome to go to another school.  Franklin Northwest SU employees can go to the school that works best for their schedule.   All meetings will begin at 3:30pm. 

Oct. 2nd – MVU  School Library

Oct. 5th – Sheldon School Library

Oct. 10th – Swanton School Community Room

Oct. 12th – Highgate. School Library

Oct.  17th – Franklin School Library

Open Enrollment for the new plans will begin on September 19th end on October 19th.  This means that all completed enrollment forms will need to be returned to Central Office by 4pm on October 19th.  The new plans will be in effect on January 1, 2018.