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Swanton School on Northwest Access TV – Part 3

Did you know that Ron Lee who was a long time Phys. Ed Teacher at Swanton Central now works in Washington at the US Pentagon?

First of all, our student numbers did not decrease this year.  In fact, they increased.  In addition, we are not increasing spending.  We are keeping our education budget level – actually, decreasing it by .07%.

Did you know… This year, we’re asking you to approve an overall budget of $8,397,480.  That’s .07% lower than last year’s budget.

Did you know that the Mary S. Babcock (that our school is named for), fell through the ice on a class trip in the 11th Grade and got so chilled that she lost all her hair and had to start 12th Grade totally bald?

Did you know….that we used to have one Kindergarten classroom in the Armory and another in the basement of the Methodist Church?

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Swanton School on Northwest Access TV – Part 2

Did you know…“Education Spending per Equalized Pupil” is: The proposed School Budget Amount – $8,397,480 MINUS anticipated Federal, State and Local Revenues – $1,020,990 DIVIDED BY # of Equalized Pupils – 556.06

Did you know….that many current staff members went to Swanton School?  Do you know how many?

Did you know….your Principal lived in Swanton her whole life but did not go to Swanton School?  How can that be?  

Did you know… you can Vote in advance of March 6th at Town Clerk’s office – 7 to 5    Absentee Ballots are available at the Town Clerk the third week of February.

Did you know… the Central Building will be 25 years old in the Fall of 2018?