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School Board Meeting Agenda 5-8-17



May 8, 2017

6:00 PM





6:00pm         Call Meeting to Order

  • Agenda Amendments


6:05pm                          Comments and Correspondence from the Public (Listen)

  • Possible Topics for Future Board Meeting Agendas


6:10pm         Approval of April 10th Board Meeting Minutes (Action)


6:15pm         Business Report

  • Summer Work – Jason Butler
  • Warrants


6:40pm            Principal’s Report

  • End of Year Planning
  • Enrollment
  • PBIS Update and Data Share
  • Student Update
  • Teacher Update
  • Important Dates


7:00pm            Superintendent’s Report

  • AOE Education Quality Review – 2019
  • FNW Student Support Services Recruitment Updates
  • Half-Day on June 16th
  • Legislative Update
    • Health Care


7:20pm            Old Business

  • Act 46 Independent Study Update (attachment)
    • Enrollment, Tax Rate, Student/Teacher Ratio Data
  • State Board Alternative Plan Rules (attachment)


7:40pm            New Business


7:45pm          Future Board Meeting Dates

  • FNWSU Board Meeting – June 7th, 6:30 at Highgate Elem. School
  • Swanton Elem. Board Work Session – June 12th, 5:00 to 8:30PM
  • Act 46 Independent Study Committee Meeting – May 1st, May 23rd, June 1st, 7:00 PM @ MVU Library
  • Negotiations Meetings
    • Teacher Negotiations Planning – May 10th and May 25th, 6:00 PM, at SU Office
    • Teacher Negotiations w/ Assoc. – May 10th, May 15th, May 31st, 7:00 PM, MVU Library

7:50pm                           Anticipated Executive Session

(Answer the Executive Session Compliance Question…Where premature public knowledge would clearly place the Board or other party at a substantial disadvantage)

  • Negotiations Update
  • Contract Issues


8:30pm          Exit Executive Session

  • Possible Action


8:40pm          Adjournment


FY2017 School Board Goals:                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Develop a 3-5 year strategic vision and plan that focuses on what the community wants for children.
    1. Maintain a safe school environment and a plan that encourages respect between students and adults
    2. Update facility plans with short and long term goals
  2. Increase two-way communication and transparency between the school and community.
    1. Continue improving communication with administration, staff, and the community
      1. Utilize social media
      2. Connect with Safe Routes to School and RISE-VT
  • Reach out to senior citizens
  1. Engage community about pros and cons of a governance merger
  2. Increase frequency of student performance reporting at board meetings
  1. Increase efficient use of resources to maximize learning potential for all students.
    1. Continue to right-size the school based on enrollment changes and resource needs
    2. Ensure staff and administrator performance is evaluated
    3. Monitor school culture
  2. Ensure challenging learning opportunities are in place for all students.
    1. Focus on enrichment programs
    2. Promote additional science, technology, engineering, arts, and math experiences


*Public Comments at Board Meetings

The FNWSU and District School Boards are working to improve the response to public comments made at Board meetings.  


The Board reserves the right to ask visitors the following questions before they are invited to address complaints to the Board:

Have you directed your complaint through our “Complaint” Policy i.e.:

  • Attempt to address the complaint first with teacher/staff member, and,
  • If not satisfied, discuss complaint with the principal, and,
  • Still not resolved, then meet with the superintendent,
  • Only then, will the Board hear your concern at a Board meeting.


When speaking with the Board, if the complaint becomes personal, disrespectful, or threatening, then the Board chair may rule the speaker “Out of Order” or,

If the complaint addresses specific personnel or is evaluative then the Board chair may invite the complainant into executive session, and,

The Board chair may limit speaking time for each individual and ask that similar points of view from multiple speakers not be presented.


Anyone making a comment can expect a response from the Board that will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Thank the person with no further action planned.
  • Respond immediately by the Board chair or administration.
  • Direct the administration to contact and respond to the person.
  • Seek clarification from the administration at a specified meeting.
  • Add the topic to a future Board agenda.
  • Refer the matter to an executive session.
  • Hold a public hearing on the matter.
  • Send a note of appreciation.


Parent Input for Placement for the 2017-2018 School Year

Swanton Elementary School


Please return to school by May 10, 2017

Dear Parents or Guardians,                                 May 3, 2017

We are beginning the process of placing students in classrooms for the 2017-2018 school year.   Our goal is to make balanced classes, which reflect the rich diversity of the Swanton community.  Typical factors considered in placement are: instructional level, gender, support needs, students who work well together and students who don’t work well together.  Parents and/or guardians are asked to describe what each child enjoys about school, what motivates him or her, what concerns they have about the next year or any other information that you think will be helpful when making class assignments.

To build classes that are balanced for teachers and students, we need information from parents and teachers.  Once we have information from input forms, our staff will begin the process of placing students. Administration will do the final review of classroom placements.

Please do not request a specific teacher.  Please do tell us on the input form what type of a learning environment will help your child to be successful in school.  In addition to providing input on the attached form, parents and/or guardians may meet with guidance counselors to discuss class placement.   

Please complete the Parent/Guardian Class Placement Input Form and return it to your child’s teacher or to the principal’s office by May 10, 2017

2017 Parent Input Letter


Dena St. Amour


Justina Jennett
Assistant Principal