FNWSU Safety Policy

There are many Internet threats made to schools and communities on a routine basis.  The Franklin, Highgate, Missisquoi Valley Union, Sheldon, and Swanton Schools have effective safety plans in place and test them on a monthly basis.  We take safety very seriously and continually update our plans and procedures accordingly.
We receive advice from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when they have concerns regarding the safety of students and staff and use this intelligence to guide our decision making.
In the case of a weather-related or other emergencies, parents will be notified using a robo-call phone, email, and text system.  We will also post messages to facebook and Twitter.  Direction will be provided regarding where parents should go and what to do.  Periodic updates will be delivered using all school and social media communication systems.
Caring for your children is our number one priority.

Winton I. Goodrich